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    Most of the members of this forum are Latin students and not Classics professors. Take this into account when asking for translation help on a serious issue, such as choosing words for a tattoo, for a wedding band, any other type of engraving, or anything carrying any importance to you. Rarely some members have suggested malicious translations. These are deleted when they are found, but it is not possible to guarantee all such posts have been removed, given the unmoderated nature of the forum.

    Most Latin forum members will be happy to attempt an answer on any of your questions, but we are all people and have our limitations, especially since many of us here are still learning.

    Latin Language Forum (, its owner, any of its administrators, moderators or members will not be held responsible for any trouble or damage caused by any translation given by anyone on this forum.

    If you are requesting a translation on anything you consider to be of any importance to you, listen to the suggestions given to you in this forum and then consult a professional Latin translator.
Thread Status:
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